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First IT Academy Webinar series – A great start on Day 1

8. September 2020

The first ever IT Academy webinar series was started yesterday with an overwhelming feedback from our audience. The sessions about IT Security Evolution and Future trends were conducted by Lucas Kuttler, Khushnud Irani, Jean-Loup Eble and Igor Brodnik.
Today we are running the Digital Transformation and Design thinking webinar with Marti Petry and Professor Dr. Karaggianis

We invite you to join future sessions and experience insights as our Day 1 participants. See what they say below:

“Very good presentations about the IT Security topic. It was very interesting to see the different aspects of the topic – awareness on a levels, how to”

“Running the session virtual in this way worked very well. Organization was excellent.”

“The webinar format was the best it could be in the Covid pandemic situation. Of course face to face would be better as there is more opportunity for s”

“Very informative and engaging”

“I really enjoyed the participation and it was worth spending the time on it. It would be good to have more companies joining these kind of session/dis”

“I enjoyed the session, it was a good balance between lectures vs workshops”